Drive Your Results Through Your Team



Engaged employees make a difference to the overall vision of their company. This can provide an increased productivity between 10 to 15% , improved service quality with up to 20%, and an overall increase in revenue of up to four-fold if properly motivated. Not to mention an increase in customer ratings.

I have created this program with focus on four major elements creating an empowered,  motivated and high-performance team:





A workshop where the team works together to set up a vision for the team. Create relevant goals, strategies and tasks to achieve this vision and make it happen. This will create an open and trustworthy environment with discussions and questions with appropriate input from each member.

This session is there to inspire and motivate the team and provides a targeted action plan for each team member. The course of the program is 6x months and can be extended, when needed

The program starts with a 3x days workshop, where the first part is 2x day and the second part is 1x day a month later. The remaining months will included 1-2 hours follow up sessions every four weeks


  • Define expectaions
  • Decision on vision
  • The 6 Steps to Coaching
  • Concrete plan and anchoring
  • Follow-up on plan


  • Establish a larger vision for your team and develop a strategic plan to achieve it
  • Creating a culture of inspiration, motivation, trust, and close collaboration in your team
  • Everyone has their individual plan and understands their role in delivering the vision

  You will learn:

  • How to establish a major vision for your organization and develop a strategic plan to achieve it
  • How to inspire your organization and develop a strategic plan to achieve your vision
  • How to create correct roles for every individual with a step by step plan to delivering the vision
  • You have a dedicated consultant to keep everyone on track and focused

This program is a game changer for any organization wanting  

to go from Good to Great