I have been coached by Monta and worked with him where I had him come in as an expert speaker in my Online Mastermind and I can highly recommend working with Monta.

He has this incredible way of making you feel very comfortable and at ease while you are working outside of your comfort zone, which helps you improve and reach your goals a lot quicker. Monta has personally helped me reach several goals through 1:1 coaching sessions and I have seen the impact he had on my Online Mastermind group as an expert speaker, which was just amazing.

If you or your company are looking to work with a coach to take your life or business to the next level, then working with Monta is the perfect way to get you there.



Online Business Coach, Digital CEO & Mastermind facilitator


In a two-hour laser coaching session focused on a specific business-related goal that I had,

Monta with his structured questioning approach worked with me to tackle it. I really enjoyed working with him as he easily partnered with me with his thoughtful, positive, and clear manner.

He helped me resolve my hesitation, get clear around my goal, and inspire me to action. Not all work around goals result in such a quick win, but teaming up with Monta was a great experience



Learning & Development Strategist and Coach


I’ve had the pleasure of receiving performance coaching from Monta. As someone whose career is beginning to flourish, I needed to consider a plethora of variables when mapping out a strategy.

Monta brought valuable and original insights that help shape my 2020 plan. His lateral thinking helped me consider new techniques to overcome various obstacles.

He motivates others through action and is someone you can count on. I would recommend Monta to anyone who needs consulting for an overall enhancement



UX Designer


  • Discover your limiting beliefs and turn them to opportunities
  • Find your potential and live the life you wish for
  • Understand what you stand for and use that as your compass
  • Laser sharp development plan with specific actions
  • Create achievable goals and taking action to create the success you dream of

Find the directions to your fulfilled life

Reach your next level of you and achieve your goals with the Life Coaching program.

I'm here to serve you, and we will be looking at where you are today, where you would like to go, and I'll help you build the bridge to get you there. My coaching will be supporting, challenging, vision-based, and sometimes confronting. All with ONE goal: you live the best possible version of YOUR life.


Through deep coaching; we will find out how to achieve your goals. I will challenge you on different levels to allow you to find and see, what is stopping you from reaching your full potential.

This process will have a duration of 6-8 months in we are closely working together to develop a very specific and laser sharp Personal Development Plan tailored to you and your current situation to work on goals and actions in all the important areas of your life you want to make results; your relationships, family, work, finances etc.

Starting a journey towards oneself is a big and incredibly exciting step, and I will be your beacon on this journey.