It was a pure pleasure to have Monta for my 5 counselling sessions. He passed on me  to bunch of helpful information, tips and approaches towards finding my dream job and kept me motivated throughout the entire course.

Monta is a person with a lot of interest and individual approach towards the people he is working with. He shows dedication to his work and overall positive attitude and energy during his sessions.

Totally recommend to work with Monta!



Architect & Lighting Designer


With 1 hour coaching per week over the course of a month, Mr. Benali has enabled me to find both my desired career path and a healthy work/life balance.

Mr.Benali gave efficient, effective and personalised sessions which targeted a different aspect of my job hunt each week.

In particular, getting to the root causes of my stress/anxiety helped me balance work and personal life in a healthy way; giving me the energy and momentum I needed to find a new job.



Sound and Music Specialist


I had the pleasure of having Monta as my career coach for 5 weeks.

In that time, he give me vital tools and tips I could use to further my career and my personal development, and his dedication to helping me was clear from our first meeting.

I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, and he had an immediate impact on my progress pursuing my dream career.

I can warmly recommend Monta and his coaching skill



Mechanical Engineer - WInd Energy

Reach your full potential in your career

Are you looking to gain career confidence? Maybe you are looking for encouragement and inspiration regarding your career? Maybe you want to find your passion again? Or maybe you don't know how to get to the next level?

I have designed this program to provide you with the tools to get clarity about, what would be the perfect and fulfilling job for you.  We will work closely together to find your passion and get you closer to your dream job and career and we will develop a specific Career Development Plan tailored to you and your current situation

Part of the process will include the "Career" Venn diagram as a tool to get you on the right directions towards your career and a fulfilled life.

If you connect with your values, qualities and strengths, you have the power within you to create anything you wish for. Whatever we do, we should feel motivated to get out of bed in the morning and go through the day with a sing in our step, and feel proud at the end of the day with what we have achieved and accomplished

YOU wil learn how to:

  • Build a career that matches your potential and makes you thrive and regain you passion
  • Create achievable goals and taking action to create the career you dream of

  • Develop a laser sharp career plan with specific actions
  • Implement the skill set and mindset of high performers