A comprehensive package to meet any teams’ training needs

Your Program offers ‘chunk-sized’ learning modules (90–150 minutes) at regular intervals and can run parallel to the Empowerment Program to provide a flexible and tailored approach to business skills training.

You have the option to select one or several modules depending on the current needs that you and your team have to achieve next level of performance and expand with additional modules, when required.

The menu of Your Program includes following selections:


Employee Engagement

Lead with Purpose

Managing Difficult Behavior

Q11 Time Management

7 Steps to Trust

Leading Sales Meetings

Situational Service

7 Steps to a Winning Team

Leading with Style

The First Time Supervisor 

6 Steps to Empowerment

The Patterns of People  

4 Ways to grow Your Sales 

Practical Performance Management 

An Inside Approach to Leadership

Achieving your fulfilled life


  • Flexibility
  • Tailor made to fit your specific needs
  • Efficient delivery within short sessions
  • Quick and productive learning
  • Learning that fits within your busy schedules