What sort of culture are you cultivating in your team?

Is it based on trust or achievement?

What are the risks of focusing on achievements only and what are  the advantages of focusing on trust ?

25000 USD IDEA!!!

In one of Earl Nightingale's article, he talks about the story of the 25000 USD idea.

It's a principle that I've been using for years, and has helped me become very productive and efficient.

The story is included  in the details section on the youtube page.


Enjoy :-)


(how do you hit it (in the video)!

Let's start with the target.

1. If you don't have a target, you don't know what to shoot at.

"If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time." - Zig Ziglar

2. If you don't have a weapon, you can't shoot at the target.

3. If you don't aim at the target, you will not hit it.

4. If you don't shoot at it, you will miss it

5. If you don't shoot AND miss, you can't perfect your aim.


Vacation time is upon, and I've asked several managers this question, and they all said YES; not a single no, and most of them feel bad about it and try to explain; WHY?.

IMHO it's absolutely ok to bring your laptop with you. The issue is not whether you bring your laptop with you or not, it's more the issue of how much TIME you spend on it WORKING and WHEN.

Here's my recipe for, how to get re-energized properly and at the same time satisfy your need/urge to follow up on things at work....

I recommend to read the rest before watching the video at:



You might be moving to a more agile environment? What a great idea, but did you consider all aspects to make it a success?

Research states that more than 70% of new company strategies never get implemented properly, and one of the major reason is - YOUR EMPLOYEES!!!

If you don't get their buy-in, your chances of success are as good as everyone else - 30% or less. How can you increase your chances of success?

In this video I describe an option to consider, if you want a successful implementation.


I have an unmotivated employee. WHAT DO I DO?

This is a question I've received across across different social media groups and platforms.

In this video I give you my take on, how you can start the process of moving your employee from unmotivated to highly motivated.

This is based on own experiences coaching 500+ different individuals. Do you want more tools to motivate your employees / teams?

How do I make my employees /

team care more?

This is a question that I have had from several managers spread across industries and departments.

There is a 3 step method to help you achieve that:

    ✔ Define the behavior you want

    ✔ See the other perspective

    ✔ Build the bridge

In this video I describe how you can use these three steps to create a more caring culture in your team.

How do you treat your employees?

Are you doing the same mistake as many leaders and managers do out there?

Do you treat your employees in the same way? If yes, then you might be making a... BIG mistake

In this short video I talk about how you can make sure that your employees continue to be motivated and engaged as part of your team.


The golden rule states: "Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated".

This is a great rule to live by, however in today's globalized world with different cultures, we need to be careful, when we use it, because we all live by different values This applies to the business world as well.

You as a manager must understand, how each and every team member would like to be treated. Even though you share the same visions and goals doesn't necessarily mean that you share the same values. Some are motivated by autonomy, others are motivated by flexibility, some are motivated by money, and others are motivated by empathy.

If you want your employees to be motivated and engaged, you must understand:

         👉🏼 the values they live by

         👉🏼 how they want to be treated.

I know that you are very busy and I know this is not an easy task, but if you master it and prioritize it, you will get a team that will take 100% responsibility and you can TRUST them to deliver 120%  on results.